Monday, May 24, 2010

Kombucha Wonder Drink Essence of Mango

Kombucha Wonder Drink has recently brought out some bigger bottles of a newer formulation of their Kombucha drinks, these are also labelled Sparkling Fermented Tea, and it seems to me, in drinking this, that they have created these products to be like wine coolers; it’s mostly water and brewed green tea, with kombucha (made from oolong), also cane juice (essentially sugar), mango juice concentrate, natural peach juice concentrate and carbonation - if you compare this to the original ones I tasted, and liked, before, those had kombucha as the first ingredient and they had far fewer ingredients with no carbonation (other than that from the kombucha). The liquid in these new bottles look far clearer, too.

I far prefer their older versions, long for the Himalayan. It tastes to me like a watered-down kombucha, and the mango flavour is not that good tasting either.

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