Monday, May 24, 2010

Fruit King Frozen Rambutan

Rambutan is one of those Asian fruits that you might see in an Asian supermarket, and some of them will have come from Thailand. These frozen versions, the whole fruit is frozen, would be my introduction to this interesting looking, well, kind of weird-looking, fruit. Rambutans are similar to longans or lychees, peeling the skin reveals a milky white fruit (could be yellow or pink) that surrounds a seed (in this case elongated and smaller than an almond).

Within the outer bag reveals an inner bag with the frozen fruit (I’m surprised that, unlike mango or durian, these are frozen whole, but perhaps that prolongs their shelf life).

This is a close-up of the individual rambutan, which looks similar to the fresh ones I’ve seen.

The fruit was definitely frozen, but we managed to slice open the peel, to reveal the white flesh within.

How did they taste? The fruit itself was somewhat difficult to separate from the seed, and I could not, no matter what it said on the package, eat it frozen, I left it to defrost before consuming. The texture is similar to the longan and lychee, slighly sour but sweet at the same time, not bad for my first try. I am sure that fresh in Thailand would taste infinitely better, and they seem to be a lot of work to eat, so I might decide to wait till I actually get to Thailand before trying them again.

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tristan said...

One of my favourite SE Asian fruits. Like lychees, they are nice with vanilla icecream for dessert, or of course, just eat them fresh.