Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lindt Fruhlings Mandeln

These dark chocolate covered almonds from Lindt I also got from Germany, I've never seen them in Canada (Fruhlings Mandeln means Spring Almonds). On the package these look like they are very sugar-coated; inside they do not look like that (fortunately, as I thought that there would be lots of sugar). The ingredient listing is a little high on the sugar content, despite being dark chocolate, cacao mass, sugar, almonds (15%), clarified butter, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, wheat starch, natural flavour and vanilla extract.

How do they taste? Pretty good, my beautiful Bride liked them as well. The chocolate coating is soft, it's more like a chocolate cream; the almonds are crunchy and seem to be sugar-coated. I don't really have a source for them, but would buy them again.

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Anonymous said...

These look delicious. I tried something similar from a grocer near me about a week ago and I've been obsessing since - I can't seem to find bigger packs anywhere! I'll have to try these if I see them.