Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Favourite Pizza

I often wondered how I came upon these toppings as my favourite when ordering a pizza, though I do remember eating it in the 80's with my friend when we visited Toronto on our occasional Saturday shopping walks (and I say walk, because that is what we did, walk from store to store, Bloor-Yonge-Queen or Queen-Yonge-Bloor, hitting all our favourites). Back then, it was Pizza Hut that was our favourite, though this particular slice comes from PizzaVille (both of which beat Pizza Pizza down the street and around the corner). The ingredients, which you might find odd, and perhaps especially for a meat eater as I am, are tomato, pineapple and feta cheese (though it used to be just tomato and pineapple, but then I made the awesome discovery of adding feta cheese. Awesome!). Yummy!!

What's your favourite?

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