Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lindt Excellence Intense Blueberry

I had not seen this chocolate bar until now, though I have eaten other flavours in that line. Liking blueberries, I thought I'd give it a good try - not having liked the other bars, and not having particularly thought they were "intense". This is a Dark chocolate bar, at 47% cacao content. At first, I didn't realize that this is a Blueberry and Almond chocolate bar; silly me, I thought it was a Blueberry Intense bar. The ingredient listing looks okay, sugar, cocoa mass, almonds, cocoa butter, butter fat, blueberry, apple, pineapple, soya lecithin, natural and artificial flavour, calcium orthophosphate, sodium alginate, citric acid and vegetable anthocyane.

How does it taste? Still, I don't think this is a particularly intense chocolate bar, though I do like the blueberry flavour. The almonds are there but very background, and the chocolate is up to Lindt standards. I don't think I would buy this again.

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