Saturday, January 02, 2010

How to cut a young coconut

There's been some buzz about coconut water being ultra-healthy for you, it's the latest trend for celebrities. Certainly, it is a healthy product, full with electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium) that is well balanced for human consumption (it has a similar electrolyte profile as human blood plasma); it is also a naturally sterile alkalinizing liquid. And it tastes good! You can buy the expensive pasteurized coconut water at the health food store, or you can make your own, by cracking open a young coconut.

This technique requires a sharp knife or cleaver, so caution is advised; don't allow youngsters to do this.

You will need a large knife or cleaver to do this, and a young coconut. Look for ones with white skin, no bruises and that are heavy when you lift them (indicating there is a lot of liquid). Also, they shouldn't really slosh when you shake them, they should be full. Place the young coconut on the floor or a sturdy table.

Chop downwards along one edge of the top of the coconut. Repeat several times until you hear the tough inner shell crack. Some liquid may spill out. You don't have to go deep; just until the inner shell is cracked.

Repeat on each side, making a square around the base of the pyramid shape.

When all four sides are open, use the sharp edge of the cleaver to pry open one side of the square. You may find that you have to chop one of the sides again if you didn't go deep enough.

Take off the square you just freed. You will be either left with a layer of coconut meat in the opening (if so, just use a knife to cut it out), or it will come attached to the piece you just opened.

Pour the coconut water into a container.

Inside will be the young coconut meat. This is also good to eat. It likely will be white (it gets white as it matures), but really young coconut meat will be slightly purple in colour.

We enjoy drinking the coconut water paired with the coconut meat.

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