Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two New Apples

I sometimes lament the lack of variety available in most supermarkets in terms of apples, I don't like most of them, and the one that I do like most, russets, are not really available. I came across these two varieties, which I've never seen before (ok, I admit that I don't keep a lookout really for new apples, for the reasons given above, that 99% of the available varieties are exactly the same). If now only they would come down in price, they are 1.5-2 times the price of the more ubiquitous apples. As I understand the economics of it, these prices are due to the apple being in limited supply and in tight control (ie. if too many apple producers grow these kinds of apples, the price will go down).

The first of the apples is called the Sonya, and, as I discovered via the 'Net, comes from New Zealand and is a cross between a Gala (which I don't mind) and a Red Delicious (which I have never thought tasted "delicious" ever - I disagree with the philosophy of naming something "delicious", I think it presupposes one to thinking that it will taste that way, rather I would like to make the decision after tasting the apple and decide myself to calling it "delicious" - same for naming of restaurants). It is apparently a tall apple (which comes from its parent Red Delicious), as opposed to short and round, and is exceptionally sweet, with a taste that is reminiscent of raw sugar cane (which I would agree with, having tasted raw sugar cane before). I would say that I would like this apple now and again, I would think the sugary taste would start to be cloying if eaten every day, and it certainly would quickly relieve the coins in my wallet too.

The second of the two apples is called Lady Alice, and it has an interesting back-story. Apparently, this apple was found growing in a single tree in an orchard in eastern Washington and was developed and grown, and the rights to it were bought out by Rainier Fruit who now market it. This is a sweet apple with the "taste" of amaretto liquor or almonds (which I can smell and taste too, but not overpowering). I think I prefer the Sonya to this one, but the Lady Alice would be a close second.

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