Thursday, April 09, 2009

Frey Extra Fine Dark Chocolate

This is one big bar! Chocolate Frey has been a chocolatier for a long while, since 1887, in Switzerland, and is one of the major brands there, but only recently we have been allowed access to its products in North America. I don't know yet whether this is a good thing, though they do produce a wide range of chocolate products (over 1200), including bars, marshmallow, candies and pralines, along with holiday-themed. Too, they apparently control the whole production process, from the purchase of cacao beans (though it would be good if they went a little further, closer to the start of the process like a few good chocolatiers are doing these days) to the finished product. I haven't found their offerings in a reliable source (store). The ingredient listing of this bar would indicate that it just meets the dark chocolate designation, sugar is the first ingredient, followed by chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and artificial flavour. There is no indication of the cacao content.

How does it taste? Certainly, it snaps well, though it looks like it is "old", in that some of the cocoa butter has risen to the surface. It smells okay, like chocolate, but not great. It's very hard to bite into, perhaps because it is so thick, far thicker than a normal 100 g bar (3x as big). It tastes a tiny bit chalky, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste, at least. Not bad. Certainly there is a lot of this chocolate, though I don't know whether I would consider it an eating bar, just a good and fairly cheap chocolate bar.

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