Thursday, April 09, 2009

Restaurant Review - Roti Boys Restaurant

Today I had occasion to visit the second best Roti shop in the immediate area around where I work, this despite the first best having gone by the wayside in the name of progress. That restaurant which I name first best would be Tony's Roti, run by, oddly enough, a fellow from Guyana name Tony. He made the best roti in his little hole-in-the-wall-sometimes-standing-room-only restaurant in the mall at the northeast corner of Victoria Park and Consumers Road, even if I preferred the curries on rice - Oh, the Curry Chicken!; Oh, the Curry Goat! - I don't mean to wax philosophical, but man, he made a mean roti (and, if he ever reads this, or if anyone knows where he is, I want to ask - where are you?! Do you have another restaurant?! At least tell us your secret recipe!). Tony was from Guyana, as I've said, so perhaps it is Guyanese curry that I like.

So saying, Roti Boys serves up a very similar menu to Tony's, you can have rotis with chicken or goat, and beef and shrimp, and over rice; they even serve curry duck, something Tony never did. For the vegetarian, you can have their Potato/Channa (chickpea) or Pumpkin or Spinach Bhaji (cooked spinach with spices). There's jerk chicken and jerk pork, and several stews, including oxtail. They're located on Sheppard Ave., a little east of Victoria Park and west of Pharmacy, in a little strip mall on the south side of Sheppard. They're reasonably priced (though Tony's seemed to be more generous with his portions) and the dishes are tasty and flavourful, though the curry chicken over rice I had today was a little too salty for my tastes. Still, even second best is pretty good.


Chuck said...

I too have searched for Tony! Any luck finding him?

Mike said...

I wish I had.

Last I heard, and this was just after his place closed, that he had another restaurant somewhere southeast of where his place was. But not a roti restaurant.

In talking to him at the time, he had lots of plans to continue with his place, I don't quite know what happened.