Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Osmanthus Fragrance Dancong Tea

Osmanthus is a flower from a small bush that can be combined with green tea to create a new flavour or fragrance, much like Jasmine flowers. You can have tea made with Osmanthus flowers, or combined with other green or black teas, but this is not that, it is a green tea that has Osmanthus Fragrance, and it smells, more subtly than not, kind of like peach, though I have read it is supposed to be apricot. We were told at the place we bought it, Zen Gardens, that it was a favourite of one of the former Chinese Emperors, and likely would have only been enjoyed by the Royal Court. Dancong teas, or single-bush teas, can imitate the flavours or fragrances of various flowers or fruits, like orange blossom or almond; as I say, this one tastes and smells, to me, more like peach, and I don't know whether it has the fragrance of apricot, and thus smells like osmanthus, or the other way around. Anyways, it makes a pleasant but not strong flavoured green tea.

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