Monday, June 09, 2008

Win Lindt Chocolate for a Year!!

I was in Sears on Sunday, and I noticed that they had a large setup for Lindt chocolate, albeit it was hidden downstairs. One of cardboard displays had an information sheet for this contest currently running to win Lindt Chocolate for a year or a Lindt Chocolate Gift Pack. You don't need the information sheet, I'll tell you what it is. Go to Discover Lindt to enter. You need to give them your personal information, address and so forth, and you need to enter in 2 UPC codes from any of their family chocolate bars, the ones that are 100 g in size (though you don't need to actually buy one of their bars, but why wouldn't you, you can write down 2 UPC codes from any two bars). You can enter once per day per household, contest closes July 31st, 2008.

My definition of Chocolate for a Year is likely different than their definition, mine is much higher in quantity, and hopefully they send it in monthly increments, otherwise I'd eat it sooner than the year. Their definition comes out to about $1200 worth of Lindt chocolate, while the 2nd prize is worth approximately $100.

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