Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two "White Rabbit" Candies

My beautiful Bride wanted some of the creamy White Rabbit candies from China, and selected a bag just before we paid for our purchases; perhaps it was rushed.

She got this White Rabbit candy instead, from the Philippines.

A butter toffee, brown in colour, not white. The candies are not soft and chewy, rather hard, they shatter when you chew them. The ingredients are sugar, glucose, condensed milk, milk fat, vegetable shortening, iodized salt, lecithin and flavouring.

This is what she had wanted to buy, the Chinese White Rabbit candies.

You can see the candies are white in colour. These are softer and chewier, I like them better than the other White Rabbits. This has a better, at least shorter, ingredient listing - milk, sugar, glucose syrup and butter.


catherine yronwode said...

The Philippines version of White Rabbit is a counterfeit. The counterfeiting of food products is actually a fact of life in Asia. Would you consider uploading this image to Wikipedia so that others can see it in the article on White Rabbit Creamy Candy?

Pilar Camacho said...

Now we know a secret ingredient in the original chinesse White Rabbit, MELAMINE, there's a important warning about toxic effect of melamine and a recall in several countries, so WATCH OUT !!!

Mike said...

I would be leery of anything that contains milk products from China these days.