Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spaghetti Squash

The season for squash is fall, and I had been meaning to make this particular kind of squash, so named because, once cooked to make it soft, its flesh resembles long strands of spaghetti. It's easy to cook as well, all you need to do, is to slice it in half, scoop out the pumpkin-looking seeds, then bake, cut-side down, for 45 minutes at 350F. Take out of the oven and check to see if it is tender enough, if not, return to the oven cut-side up, and bake in 5 minute intervals until tender enough. If it is tender, you should be able to separate the long strands easily with a fork. Now, add your favourite spaghetti toppings, it goes well with white sauce, spaghetti sauce, parmesan, bacon bits, or other spices. What I used, is a recipe I found in The Accidental Foodie, provided by Nigel Slater. This lemon and basil sauce called for linguine, but it almost went well with the squash, despite spaghetti squash already tasting, and looking like it should, a little bit like lemon without sauce. I definitely think that I would pair it with tomato sauce next time. Quite good, though, and nutritious.

Lemon and Basil Dressing
Adapted from a recipe of Nigel Slater
juice of 1 large lemon
80 mL (1/3 cup) olive oil
75 g (3/4 cup) grated parmesan
large handful of basil leaves

Put the lemon juice, olive oil and grated parmesan in a warm bowl (warmed under a running tap, then dried) and beat briefly with a small whisk until thick and grainy. Tear up the basil and stir in with a grinding of black pepper.

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