Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dr. Oetker Measuring Cup

We've had one of these old-style measuring cups in our cupboard for years, I can't even say how long, it's even starting to rust, so I was pleased to see that it is still available in Germany. My dear aunt sent me one for Christmas. Within, it has ways to measure cocoa, rice, flour, raisins, sugar, salt, peas or beans or lentils, and liquid measures, but it also has the old-fashioned way of measuring butter, which is to fill the container with water to a certain level, then add butter till it achieves the level you want; this will give you the desired weight of butter that you need according to the recipe. It's much easier now, with scales and measurements on the butter chart, I know, but I find it interesting the way that people figured out how to do this.

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