Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poulain Ultime Noir

The next chocolate bar I tried is also from a French chocolatier, Poulain, owned by Cadbury. They have been in existence since 1848, hence the line of special chocolate bars called 1848. This selection, containing 86% cocoa content, is called Ultime Noir, or Ultimate Dark. Its ingredients listing is short, just dark chocolate (made of unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar, soy lecithin and natural flavour). There is no indication as to the origin of the cacao beans. The chocolate snaps or breaks fairly well, it melts in your mouth fairly well, and actually has a less dry taste in the mouth than the previous French chocolate I ate. The taste is good, though I would not quite class this as the ultimate.


Perez said...

I gotta say I love your blog...I love food and now I can make some new things...I will pass on the word for your blog...I might know some people who would like your blog...I can't wait to make some of the cookies-take care-perez

Mike said...

Glad you like it! Welcome, and enjoy!