Monday, July 31, 2006

Brown cows give brown milk

I was annoyed at the fact that this commercial, by the Dairy Council of Canada, no less, implies that brown, or chocolate, milk comes from brown cows. Well, it may be that the milk comes from the cow, but it leaves the cow as white as any other cow, and it becomes brown with the addition of chocolate and other ingredients, to make the familiar chocolate milk. The commercial's premise is, that a group of brown cows are protesting, that they should be given equal rights, that people should drink chocolate milk, which is a ludicrous concept. What, so, holsteins, which are black and white in colour, give black, and white, milk? The sad part of this commentary, is that many people, children and adults, just don't know where their food, milk, meat, vegetables, come from, and what goes into making the things that they buy in the grocery stores. This kind of message doesn't help, especially from a major government organization. My sister too has pointed out, that there is another commercial, wanting the viewer, likely geared more to the female audience, to get more calcium into their bodies by drinking chocolate milk, despite evidence that says that the chocolate and other ingredients may inhibit the absorption of the calcium. And don't get me started on Cadbury creme eggs, which, apparently, are laid by clucking Easter bunnies...

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