Sunday, May 27, 2012

King's Zen Tea Osmanthus Fragrance Flower

I love the smell of this tea - ripe peaches.

Osmanthus is an evergreen shrub native to Asia, with golden flowers that give off the scent of ripe peaches or apricots. In China, they infuse these flowers with water, green tea or black tea, the resulting golden coloured drink is called gui hua cha. Osmanthus also has health properties, with benefits for oral health and skin rashes, alleviating headaches and lowering blood pressure, among others. Lately, I've found that Chinese supermarkets around my area have come out with osmanthus-flavoured jellies, made from osmanthus flowers, an idea I'd like to try myself. Above all, this makes a great tasting, and wonderful smelling, cup of tea that you can enjoy while it's brewing, and as you drink it.

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