Friday, June 11, 2010

St. Francis Herb Farm Go Pro Matrix Goat Milk Protein Powder

My sister gave me this trial sachet of St. Francis Herb Farm's Go Pro Matrix goat milk protein powder. Goat milk has more health benefits that cow's milk, it has short chain fats and proteins, similar to human mother's milk, as opposed to the long chain fats and proteins of cow's milk (which is likely why many people experience issues with digesting cow's milk). The protein content of this protein powder is 15 g per 2 level tablespoons of powder. It has a pleasant vanilla taste, and blends easily in smoothies, or added to hot or cold breakfast cereal (what I did with this). It's likely much more expensive than the more available cow's milk protein powders, but I've seen it available for sale in a number of health stores near me.

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