Friday, June 11, 2010

Linden Honey

One of my favourite trees is the Linden, certainly when it blooms it smells wonderful. It is also called Lime Flower, and, opening this jar of honey for the first time, the waft of scent coming up smells exactly like standing next to a blooming tree on a hot day, where the scent surrounds you, and you breathe in its fragrance. OK, maybe not so intense, but it smells good. In reading about Linden Honey, there is therapeutic value to it, as much so as the Linden blossom tea, to strengthen the immune system, fight colds and lessen anxiety and stomach problems. It might even have a sedative effect (I'm thinking one should not eat it first thing in the morning, when one wants to wake up before going to work). The honey itself, spread on bread, had a delicate flavour, quite good.

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