Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Impressions of Carrassauga

This year's Carrassauga in Mississauga (held on May 28, 29 and 30), the yearly (in its 25th Year) Multicutural Festival, featured some new countries (like Guyana and Vietnam) and some new pavilions (including quite a few tents outside of Hershey Centre). We usually catch this Festival, mostly for the chance to see some Culture, and buy some products) from various countries, but also for the chance to sample some good food (okay, expensive food). We found the crowds this year to be less; we had little trouble finding a parking place or getting a seat to see the show; perhaps it was the rather hot weather!!

Some highlights for us:

The China pavilion was actually a showcase of Taiwan, there was an interesting demonstration of Wushu Martial Arts; later in the evening was a special showing of well-done and interesting cultural dances.

The Guyana pavilion I checked out, because I wanted to have their chicken roti; unfortunately, while tasty, it didn't match up with the great roti I enjoyed long ago at Tony's Roti on Victoria Park (and I believe he came from Guyana).

The murtabak were back again at the Malaysia/Singapore pavilion, a sort of Asian roti filled with chicken or beef or vegetables.

The Thailand pavilion was serving food from P-Tom's in downtown Toronto; tasty, especially the mango salad!

Baytana Bakery in Mississauga (near Tomken and Britannia), which had a booth in the Lebanon Pavilion, makes their own phyllo dough, and uses a mixture of nuts (cashews, pistachios, walnuts, other nuts) in their baklava. They also make other lebanese sweets, such as sesame cookies and semolina with honey.

Pistachio mammoul from the Egypt Pavilion.

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