Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HiBee Lemon Cactus Honey Candy

I picked this up from a Korean supermarket we visited recently. It intrigued me, as I like honey as a more natural sweetener. What I thought that it was, is honey made from pollen collected from cactus flowers, but, as it turns out, cactus honey powder, sold in Asian supermarkets, is really a misnomer; it's neither honey, nor is it from a cactus (it is supposed to be an ancient sweetener, know for years by the Aztec Indians, according to the package). Turns out, that it is really agave nectar, which you can buy in health food stores and which has a much lower glycemic index than white sugar. The candies themselves tasted pretty good, like lemon with honey (if you've tried that hot), quite lemony (the lemon comes from lemon extract). As they are candies, they are sweet and a high source of sugar (it also contains fructose, or the sugar found in fruits), so don't eat too many of them too often.

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