Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speciale Italia Peperonciono

I've tried a few chocolates now with hot pepper or chili as its underlying flavour, including ones from Lindt, Slitti from Tuscany, and a Sicilian Aztec version, they've been fairly tasty, except not so much the Lindt one, this one comes from a company that has made several chocolate bars that I've enjoyed, Speciale Italia. This one, unlike some of the other ones, has a more subtle spiciness to it, a little more than mild-spicy, but still enough to complement the good chocolate. The cacao content is at 58%, and the ingredient listing is not as good as some of their other products, but still better than a lot of chocolate out there, cocoa paste, icing sugar (with 3% cornflour) (icing sugar!), cocoa butter, chili pepper powder (0.35%), soy lecithin (as an emulsifier) and aromas (likely vanilla/vanillin).

How does it taste? Fairly good, though not as good as some of their other offerings. I would eat this product again.

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