Monday, July 05, 2010

Taxo (Banana Passionfruit)

Where I bought this, Whole Foods, they called this a Lulo, also known as a naranjilla, but those are small and round and orange. A little searching on the ‘Net revealed that this is a Banana Passionfruit, also called Taxo, or curuba (Colombia) or parcha (Venezuela) or tumbo (Bolivia), which is what we guessed when we first sliced it open, it definitely looked like other passionfruits I’ve eaten, just orange in colour.

And it tastes sort of pear-like, what struck me first, but sour in flavour, similar to other passionfruits I’ve enjoyed. Quite good, and something I could eat on a regular basis, if only I could find it, and it didn’t cost $2 each.

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