Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lindt Oster Tradition Erdbeer-Rhabarber-ButterMilch

Lindt seems to bring out more interesting seasonal items in Europe than they do in Canada. I found this one in Germany. The idea of the tasty combination of strawberries (Erdbeer) and rhubarb (Rhabarber) (which I like in jam and pies) appealed to me certainly. This is a milk chocolate bar, filled with layers of buttermilk-creme filling, on top of which is a sugary layer flavoured with strawberry and rhubarb juice concentrates.

How does it taste? Quite good, despite the sugariness of the filling. The buttermilk creme was tasty and tangy, and the strawberry/rhubarb layer flavour was not so predominant. I don't think I could eat this on a regular basis (and don't have a good source for these seasonal items), and wonder, like always, how it would taste with a dark chocolate version. Strawberries and dark chocolate, anyone?

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