Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lotte Apple Mint Xylitol Chewing Gum

Having enjoyed my first testings of the more healthful xylitol gum (xylitol is a sugar that promotes dental health, and is also a more healthy sugar than sucrose, and definitely better than any of the fake sugars or chemical sweeteners), I found this chewing gum in the Korean supermarket and decided to try it. It is mostly xylitol (if I'm not reading it wrong, and most of the packaging is in Korean, which I can not read, the xylitol content is at 75%), in a chewing gum base, with apple mint flavouring. The apple mint flavour is okay, it tastes more like what I would call green apple flavouring, though it has the freshness of mint. This is also much cheaper than the other Spry xylitol gum, $2.39 for 36 pieces (as opposed to $3.60, or even double that for other brands). So far, these are good, but I would prefer the citrus flavour of the Spry rather than the apple mint.

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Samuel said...

My son was advised by a Knoxville dentist to take Xylitol gum. According to our dentist, it works like fluoride that gives extra strength to the teeth. Partially like fluoride that gives enamel to thicken the thinning surface of the teeth due to hard brushing. Though it will not guarantee you the fluoride strength, it assures you that Xylitol is a legal thing usually found in fruits and vegetables and surely is safe to drink/take.
It is also a minty fresh breath giver which minimizes the bacteria growth inside the mouth.

I love your blog so much - especially knowing that the writer is s real practicing dentist. Knoxville blog readers with same interests will definitely enjoy you site. Don't worry; I'll promote it to them! Thanks!