Monday, March 29, 2010

Korean Gold Melon

We picked this up from the Galleria on Yonge Street, a fairly big and interesting Korean supermarket, they were sampling these. It was an interesting flavour, that I liked, so I selected and took one home. Korean Gold Melons, or Chamoe, Yellow Melon, Oriental Melon, Dua Gua or Chae Mae, as I have found out, are small yellow melons with narrow white stripes. The flesh is sweet white to pale peach. The seeds are small and can be eaten. It tastes, according to what I've read, like a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber, and, it does, the honeydew melon is more predominant, the cucumber is the crunchy mouthfeel of it, certainly mine looked like a cucumber would. Good tasting, if a little expensive.

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