Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Restaurant Review - Open Sesame Bakery

I kept this restaurant in the back of my mind, after first seeing it quite a while ago, and it popped up again recently when I was in the area. Open Sesame Bakery is located in a strip mall at 235 Bayly Avenue in Ajax (east of Westney and west of Harwood) and specializes in Lebanese Food. There is lots to choose from, including hummous (made from chickpeas), cheeses, various filled breads, kebbeh and several hot dishes, including a giant grilled flatbread called saj filled with either zattar (thyme and nut spice mixture) or cheese. It's also a small grocery, with various Lebanese products, including coffee and nuts and sauces.

The saj was really good; I chose the one filled with cheese. Better than a pita bread, grilled.

The baklava here are pretty tasty; these all contain pistachios, there are also ones with cashews and pine nuts. The baklava are sold by weight; $11.50 per lb.

The maamoul are also quite delicious; these are date (without the sugar) and pistachio filled (with sugar) ones. There were also ones for sale filled with peanuts (or perhaps he said or meant pine nuts). They are $1.25 each.

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