Monday, May 22, 2006

Hazelnut Crunch

One of the things I picked up the other week when I went to Whole Foods was this Hazelnut Crunch, toffee covered with coarsely chopped hazelnuts. Quite tasty, though I found Whole Foods to be very expensive. The concept of an Organic Supermarket I approve of highly, yet I wonder if this is not more about Marketing than it is about being Organic, as most of the things for sale seemed quite expensive. Even things that I normally buy at Health Food stores or other markets, ended up being 10-20% higher. Though, I understand this particular Whole Foods lies next to the rich part of town, these people presumably can afford the high prices for premium products. But, hopefully, this kind of store will bring about more stores like it, I can see that a lot of Supermarkets are beginning to stock Organic products, a few and limited variety, nonetheless, and have Health Food sections too. A trend I approve of and hope will continue to expand, so that the prices will begin to drop as more and more people start to buy these products and begin to demand more variety. Farmers Markets are beginning to gain popularity too, another trend that I like, eating locally grown foods is good for the ecosystem and these goods tend to be fresher and tastier.

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