Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lindt Caffarel Fruit Jellies

Lindt along with their chocolate, apparently also makes these jellies, as I call them, with various fruits. I tried four of them; quince, apricot, cherry and plum. The jellies are surrounded with a coarse sugar coating.

The quince is good tasting, with a mild flavour and definite taste of quince. My favourite.

The apricot is good tasting, with a subtle apricot flavour.

The cherry has a strong cherry flavour. Good tasting.

The plum has a subtle plum flavour. Good tasting.


Cristina said...

These are so delicious! They are Caffarel though, not Lindt... they are an Italian brand that makes the best chocolates too. Do anyone in Canada knows if its possible to get Caffarel products? I live in Calgary and can't find anything like it.

Mike said...

Caffarel is a subsidiary of Lindt.