Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hazelnut Coffee

I bought this package of Hazelnut Coffee from Winners last Friday, I normally drink only Costa Rican coffee, it really is the best, but I wanted to see whether it would live up to its name, having a fondness for hazelnuts. Now, it's not really coffee made from hazelnuts, though that would be interesting, it's coffee that has just been roasted sprayed with oil or powder concentrates of various flavours, such as vanilla or hazelnut or orange. I've always thought of it as "stinky coffee", my boss enjoys the taste of the vanilla-flavoured coffee from the sandwich shop downstairs, I, on the other hand, thought it smelled too strongly and sweetly, and one time, developed an overpowering hunger for something sweet, a Tim Hortons donut, and found out that I had been smelling the discarded coffee container in my garbage for some time. Too, I suspect that the flavouring is used by manufacturers to cover up the inferior qualities of the coffee itself. I always wonder at how, for such a beloved hot drink, there is so much drunk at work that is quite awful tasting. Perhaps it is the brewing, perhaps it is the water, likely it is the coffee itself and a combination of the other two. So, I made this hazelnut coffee, and the smell pervaded all the rooms in my place, kind of sweet, and sort of hazelnut smelling. Now, to taste it. Well, it tasted about like it smelled, not really what I like in hazelnuts, it was fairly good, the coffee itself was not as good tasting as the Costa Rican I have. I had another this morning, the flavour hasn't grown on me, yet. Too, there is always hazelnut shots that one can put in coffee, found at more upscale coffee shops. I think I prefer the hot hazelnut smoothie at Tim Hortons.

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